Booking – Free of charge!

Booking procedure includes 4 simple steps:

  1. You send a booking request (see form below);
  2. Administration checks the validity of Your data (phone call) and sends back to You (by e-mail) a bill for interjacent payment — 30% of your total order price but not less than 1 (one) day price;
  3. You pay the interjacent payment;
  4. Administration, following to Your payment, affirms the booking (with sending an e-mail to You).

Booking is considered successful only after Your interjacent payment has been received by administration. Rest of your order price can be payed at boarding house (after arrival).

Booking request

    I agree to the booking conditions set out on this page and to the processing of personal data.

    Terms of cancellation

    In case of cancellation or changes to booking dates not later then in 7 days before arrival (or 14 days in period Dec.29-Jan.3), interjacent payment will be returned.

    In all other cases the interjacent payment will not be returned and can’t be used in any ways.